Decra Sustainability

Natural Light for Your Home

Mounted in a genuine Decra profile base, it seamlessly matches your Decra roof.

Providing a healthier environment, while reducing energy consumption.

How it Works

Daylight is captured by the roof mounted dome and directed through a reflective tube passes the attic space to a ceiling mounted fitting which then emits natural healthy light into the home.

Use Decra Sky Tunnel to replace electric lighting during day time and see your energy costs tumbling.

Decra Vented Roof System

The Decra Vented Roof System works by expelling warm air out the ridge allowing fresh air to enter at the eaves. This creates a more comfortable indoor living environment while reducing the amount of work your air conditioner has to do.

Water Run-Off Decra Roof Meets WHO Drinking Water Quality

Rainwater collected from Decra Roofing Systems has been tested and meets the World Health Organization’s criteria for drinking water quality. Hence, enable wider usage of the rainwater collected from your rainwater harvesting systems.

With Decra Roofing Systems, the rainwater collected no longer just limited to lawn irrigation, car washing and janitorial use. Hence, home owner can reduce more potable water consumption.

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Less Timber/Steel Required for Framing

Decra Roof's weight is only 6.6kg per m2, and is approximately 7 times lighter than traditional concrete and clay roof tiles. Hence, creates significantly lesser dead load on to the support framing.

Case study below on a typical roof area of 140 m2 with 30 degree pitch demonstrates the significant cost saving that could benefit the developer (owner) who uses Decra Roofing Systems over traditional concrete or clay roofing systems.

Item Concrete Roof Tile* Decra Tile
Tile coverage ± 10.1 pcs per m2 ± 2.2 pcs per m2
Weight per tile ± 5.0 kg ± 3.0 kg
Roof weight ± 50.5 kg per m2 ± 6.6 kg per m2
Weight per house ± 7.1 tons ± 0.9 tons
Tile require per house ± 1,414 pcs
(± 7 pallets)
± 308 pcs
(± 1 pallet)

* Estimated roof coverage & tile weight vary depend on brand & profile

Case Study: Comparison of Truss Layout Plan

Saving on Rafters
Saving on Trusses
Saving on Steel Bracing

Decra Roofing System's saving on roof trusses:

Description Decra
Roofing Systems
Concrete Tile
Roofing Systems
Roof pitch 30 degree 30 degree -
Roof area 140 m2 140 m2 -
Nos. of steel channel used 56 pcs
(6m length)
74 pcs
(6m length)
18 pcs
(± 24%)
Nos. of steel batten used 100 pcs
(6m length)
115 pcs
(6m length)
15 pcs
(± 13%)

Leakproof without Leak Prevention Components

Decra Roofing Systems offer LEAK-PROOF SOLUTION without the need of leak prevention roofing components that are commonly required in traditional concrete and clay roofing systems.

Less Energy Required to Transport

Traditional concrete and clay tiles can be bulky and heavy. One house-lot would require one average-size truck for transport. The same truck could carry enough Decra tiles for about 10 homes, using less energy (and therefore less carbon) to transport.

Case study on requirement of crane usage to lift roof tiles for roof area of 140m2

Decra Concrete/Clay Tile
Coverage per 1m2* ~2.2 pcs/m2 ~10.1 pcs/m2
Coverage per 140 m2 308 pcs
(±1 pallet)
1,414 pcs
(±7 pallets)
Weight per tile* ~3kg 5kg*
Weight per 140m2 roof ~0.9 tonne ~7.1 tonne

* Estimated Roof Coverage & weight vary depend on brand & profile

Steel is 100% Recyclable

Steel is the most eco-friendly material in the world. In fact it can be recycled infinitely, without losing any of its quality. So when a Decra Roof reaches the end of it useful life, it doesn’t need to end up in landfill. It can be re-worked into another steel product.

The unavoidable construction waste generated by traditional roofing materials as below is no longer existed.

Decra Commitment to Sustainability

The Fletcher Building Roof Tile Group, manufacturer of Decra Roofing Systems, leads the world in the design and production of stone coated steel roof tiles. The group adheres to the ISO14001 standard of Environmental Management and is committed to on-going sustainability improvements, so that the activities of today don’t impact negatively on the future.

Our sustainability facts and figures:


The number of trees we saved in a year. By recycling, we prevented 3.325m3 (70 bins) of paper from going to landfill.


The number of trees planted during the Fletcher Building Roof Tile Group Sustainability Fortnight.


Reduction in gas use by the Fletcher Building Roof Tile Group from 2009-2010 financial year to 2010-2011 financial year.


Reduction in water use by the Fletcher Building Roof Tile Group New Zealand plant from 2009-2010 financial year to 2010-2011 financial year.


Reduction in environment incidents by the Fletcher Building Roof Tile Group New Zealand plant from 2009-2010 financial year to 2010-2011 financial year.


The amount we aim to reduce our contribution to landfill, by 2013.


In 2011, the Fletcher Building Roof Tile Group became a 100% Fair Trade workplace. Buying exclusively Fair Trade consumables like coffee, fruit and sugar, means we’re supporting workers and communities in the developing world. It ensures a fair price and helps support global sustainability.

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Decra Sky Tunnel

Natural Light for Your Home

Use Decra Sky Tunnel to replace electric lighting during day time and see your energy cost tumbling.

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