Ideal Reroofing Solution

Lightweight Decra – the Ideal Choice for Rehabilitation of Heritage Building

Decra Roofing Systems weight only ± 6.6kg per m2, and is around 7 times lighter than traditional concrete/ clay roof.

Preservation & rehabilitation of heritage buildings is easier and more cost efficient without the requirement to strengthen the building structure in supporting a heavyweight roof due to less structure required of using Decra lightweight roof.

Case Study: Michael the Archangel Church, Ukraine

Located in Chesnyky village, Michael the Archangel Church - which dates back to the 1500s - has survived centuries of relentless climatic conditions and periods of political unrest. Today, the monument contains valuable architectural features, religious artifacts, a mausoleum, a stone wall protecting the church and a bell tower with a three-arcade wall.

To protect these precious relics from the elements, local restoration authorities selected the lightweight Decra Roofing Systems – Decra Corona Shake profile to replace the deteriorating wooden shake roofing tiles.

Decra Reroofing Straight Over On The Old Roof

Benefiting from its lightweight properties, Decra Roofing Systems can be applied over old asphalt shingle roof, provided the existing roof structure is not extensively damage, and old asphalt shingle roof still laid flat & smooth.

Thus, reroof will cost substantially lower with the labor savings on tear-off job, and eliminating the site and weather protection, as well as cleanup cost.

Because of bare sheathing is never exposed to the elements, there is much less chance of weather damage to the building’s interior or of a worker being injured while scrambling around in the rain trying to get an exposed roof under cover. There is also less hassle for the homeowner, as they need not move-out during the reroofing period.

Last but not least, reroof over existing roof also mean lesser tear-off waste that eventually will end up in the landfill. Hence, help to contribute toward a GREEN environment.

Leak Proof Solution

No More Broken Tiles

Decra Roofs are unbreakable, eliminating leaks due to broken tiles.

Decra Offers Outstanding Wind Uplift Resistant Performance

Decra Roofing Systems use unique horizontal fastening solution which prevent wind uplift force of up to 120mph (circa. 193 km/h). Hence, eliminate possible leakages due to wind uplift issue.

Unique Accessories That Prevent Rainwater Seepage Through Joints

Decra Roofing Systems' unique treatment to roof joints that either bend the tiles upward at ridges, hips, barges & other joints; or bend the tiles downward at valley, create a second barrier for the roofing systems to prevent possible rainwater seepages through roof joints.

Most importantly, it DOES NOT REQUIRE any leak proof roof components such as the waterproofing dry fix for ridge & hip, as well as the expensive tile clips that are commonly used in the traditional concrete and/or clay roofing systems to secure cut tiles and prevent wind up-lift force.

Burglar Prevention Solution

Roof security is becoming more of an important issue in an increasingly safety & security concious society. Many roofs have become the weakest point-of-entry for burglar to break-into a house, even when the house are secured with efficient locks and shutters on doors and windows.

Most traditional roof tiles are mostly not securely fixed to the roof structure and can therefore be easily removed and access gained into a building. Burglars are also aware that breaking into a building through a roof leaves virtually no visible signs of entry until long after they have gone, meaning that time is on their side while they are carrying out the crime. Often feature in a newspaper articles, we read about burglars enter a house by just removing a few pieces of roof tiles without alerting anyone.

Roof security has become a concern of many homeowners and residents association to look for a solution to secure the roof. Some people install additional layer of galvanized iron sheet underneth their roof when they do reroofing. Others install additional battens to narrow the gap between battens.

Gated & guarded residential projects become the ultimate choice of most home buyers, especially in urban areas. As a result, most property developers provide a long list of safety & security features for its new development, such as:

  • Gated & guarded community with single entrance
  • Vehicle access control
  • High res. CCTV
  • 24 hours patrolling guards
  • Anti-climb perimeter fencing
  • Home alarms
  • Power fence & etc.

Power Fence is being used on some gated & guarded residential projects.

Decra Roofing Systems not only provide a good looking, leak-proof and durable roof, but also a burglar prevention roofing system accredited by an international standard in the Secured by Design since 2006 in UK.

Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of “designing out crime” by use of effective crime prevention and security standards for a range of applications. Secured by Design is owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), UK.

The tests for Decra involved dynamic and manual interventions over a total of two days using tools such as levers, screwdrivers, knives, spanners and rope on dozens of elements of a Decra Roofing System installed on a rig.

Our horizontal fastening and unique interlocking systems prevent anyone to open the roof tiles without proper tooling, and eliminate the chances of burglars to carry out the crime undetected. Hence, create an additional safety & security barrier to the burglars, and reduce the break-in cases through the roof.

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