Decra Product Specification

Product Specification

Decra stone coated steel roof tile is made from aluminium-zinc coated steel ( Grade G300 & AZ 150), conforms to AS 1397:2001 standard that provides superior corrosion resistance performance and coated with acrylic basecoat, natural/ceramic coated volcanic stone chips and acrylic overglaze.

[ Steel Base Metal Thickness = 0.39mm, Steel Total Coating Thickness = 0.44mm, Tile TCT (inclusive of stone chip) = 2.0mm]

Clear Acrylic Overglaze:

Clear 100% acrylic resin coating for chip binding and a semi-gloss finish.

Natural/Ceramic Coated volcanic stone chips:

Carefully selected stone chips provide excellent surface protection and attractive long lasting colours.

Base Coat

A tough & flexible opaque coating based on 100% acrylic resin that provides protection and a substrate for chip bonding.

2 Micron Acrylic Resin:

Green-tinted acrylic coating that provides protection and a uniform substrate on aluminium-zinc coated steel for further coatings.

Roofing Panel from AHI Roofing

Every Decra® Roof tile is a multi-layered configuration of high strength and unyielding composites.

Main Tile Dimension:

Tile Profile Tile Length Cover Length Tile Width Cover Width Min. Roof Pitch Effective Coverage Weight Per Tile Weight per m²
1,320 mm 1,265 mm 420 mm 368 mm 12° ±2.2pcs/m² ±3.0 kg ±6.6 kg
1,325 mm 1,257 mm 420 mm 368 mm 12° ±2.2pcs/m² ±3.0 kg ±6.6 kg
1,335 mm 1,215 mm 415 mm 368 mm 12° ±2.2pcs/m² ±3.0 kg ±6.6 kg
1,320 mm 1,250 mm 415 mm 368 mm 15° ±2.2pcs/m² ±3.0 kg ±6.6 kg
1,325 mm 1,250 mm 430 mm 368 mm 15° ±2.2pcs/m² ±3.0 kg ±6.6 kg