Decra Roofing Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I walk on a Decra Roof?

Yes, you can walk on Decra Roof provided you step on the right locations. We also provide guideline on recommended step locations for all Decra trained installers for easy reference in avoiding possible dents caused by misstep.

Will Decra Roof colours last?

Decra Roof Tiles colours are either natural colour of volcanic stone chips or ceramic coated colours (on volcanic stone chips), which both are long lasting. However, similar to any other ceramic coated colour product, minimal colour fading under weather exposure is expected.

Can Decra Roofing Systems sustain strong typhoons?

Decra Roofing’s unique horizontal fastening system can withstand wind speed up-to 120 miles per hour, and had tested against various weather security, hurricane & cyclone wind resistance tests in Australia & USA.

How long can Decra Roof last?

Decra Roofing Systems come with 50 years weatherproof warranty and 20 years textured coat warranty.

Installation of Decra Roof looks complicated, is it?

Some technical skills are required, however you do not need to be a rocket scientist to install Decra Roofing Systems.

Decra Roofing Systems have a network of accredited installers who have gone through the Decra Authorized Installer Training Program. These installers, referencing Decra installation guides and the use of appropriate tools, make installing Decra Roofing Systems as easy as 123.

Decra Roofing is a metal roof, how do you justify your claim that it won’t rust?

Decra Roofing Systems use only zinc-aluminium coated steel (AZ150) as its base tile, which is proven to have excellent corrosion protection properties.Furthermore, all Decra range of roof tiles comes with unbeatable 50 years weatherproof warranty.

Does fungus grow on a Decra Roof and how would you remove them?

Fungus and algae on roofs are unavoidable condition in tropical climate, as dust and fallen leaves that trapped on roof eventually become the nutrient that promotes fungus growth. However, what differentiates Decra Roofing Systems with other is the availability of an easy & efficient Roof Washing Solution.

Decra Roofs can be easily cleaned and restored to its original condition by just washing it using pressured water jet (~200 psi) with clean water, or with Decra Roof Wash cleaning agent. The former will effectively clean the roof, while the latter also kills the spores during the cleaning process and prevent recurrence of fungus and algae in relatively short period of time.

Are Decra Roofs noisy?

No, if compared with other metal roofs because Decra Roof is just over a metre long and sound waves are dampened because they cannot travel far. At the same time, the sound is dissipated and absorbed when hits on the irregular volcanic stone chip coating surface on Decra Roof and becomes softer.

Decra Roofing is aesthetically pleasing, is it also expensive?

Decra Roofing Systems come with many extra values without additional costs. At a rate similar to other higher end roofing solutions, our customers are able to enjoy the great Decra aesthetic finishes, coupled with the following cost saving benefits:-

  • Decra lightweight systems offer significant cost saving on roof structure.

    Decra Roofing System is about 7 times lighter than concrete/ clay roofing system. Our study revealed that Decra Roofing System uses circa 24% less channels and circa 13% less battens when compare to concrete roof tile system, based on a 30 degree pitch roof with 140 m2 roof area.

  • No additional accessories, fittings or waterproof underlay are needed for roof leak prevention.

    Eliminate the additional materials and labour cost required to install waterproof underlay sheets, tile clips and other form of leak-proof roof components that are necessity in concrete/ clay roofing systems.

  • Decra Roofing’s durability and sustainable features minimize the future need for reroofing caused by corrosion and breakages. It also eliminates the needs for future repainting due to colour fading or fungus & algae problems.

    Not only that Decra Roofing Systems is low in term of long term maintenance cost, it also eliminates the inconveniences incurred during any future reroofing/ repainting process to the property owners.

  • The unbreakable Decra Roof Tile eliminates unnecessary breakages and wastages during transportation and construction stages. Besides cost saving on unnecessary wastages, transporting of roof tiles also becomes an easy task, even when the project is located in some remote islands or mountain sites.

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