Decra Roof Wash

Decra Roof Wash

Keeping your roof clean

Organic growth like lichen and moss is a natural phenomenon that occurs on most permanent outdoor structures including your roof. Left unchecked, organic growth can cause damage to the surface coating of your roof and can create ‘moisture traps’ that cause corrosion.

" It is strongly recommended by Decra that the roof is kept free of organic growth by periodic cleaning with Decra Roof Wash. "

Decra Roof Wash is an effective roof cleaning solution to remove the unwanted growth on Decra roof surface.

Special note:

If rainwater is collected from the roof for drinking, the water connection and stormwater systems should be disconnected from the tank before any chemical cleaning of the roof. The system should remain unconnected for at least three heavy rainfalls to ensure the removal of any residue. Alternatively the roof can be thoroughly hosed down with clean water before reconnection. The majority of local government bodies have prohibitions against chemicals being washed away in stormwater systems. Check with your local authority about prevailing requirements as to disposal/diversion of waste water before treating your roof.

Applying Decra Roof Wash
Cleaning treated roof