Less is More

Less Timber/Steel Required for Framing

Decra Roof's weight is only 6.6kg per m2, and is approximately 7 times lighter than traditional concrete and clay roof tiles. Hence, creates significantly lesser dead load on to the support framing.

Case study below on a typical roof area of 140 m2 with 30 degree pitch demonstrates the significant cost saving that could benefit the developer (owner) who uses Decra Roofing Systems over traditional concrete or clay roofing systems.

Item Concrete Roof Tile* Decra Tile
Tile coverage ± 10.1 pcs per m2 ± 2.2 pcs per m2
Weight per tile ± 5.0 kg ± 3.0 kg
Roof weight ± 50.5 kg per m2 ± 6.6 kg per m2
Weight per house ± 7.1 tons ± 0.9 tons
Tile require per house ± 1,414 pcs
(± 7 pallets)
± 308 pcs
(± 1 pallet)

* Estimated roof coverage & tile weight vary depend on brand & profile

Case Study: Comparison of Truss Layout Plan

Saving on Rafters
Saving on Trusses
Saving on Steel Bracing

Decra Roofing System's saving on roof trusses:

Description Decra
Roofing Systems
Concrete Tile
Roofing Systems
Roof pitch 30 degree 30 degree -
Roof area 140 m2 140 m2 -
Nos. of steel channel used 56 pcs
(6m length)
74 pcs
(6m length)
18 pcs
(± 24%)
Nos. of steel batten used 100 pcs
(6m length)
115 pcs
(6m length)
15 pcs
(± 13%)

Leakproof without Leak Prevention Components

Decra Roofing Systems offer LEAK-PROOF SOLUTION without the need of leak prevention roofing components that are commonly required in traditional concrete and clay roofing systems.

Design Your Roof

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Decra Sky Tunnel

Natural Light for Your Home

Use Decra Sky Tunnel to replace electric lighting during day time and see your energy cost tumbling.

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