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Decra Roof Profile: Allowance : Coverage Details
Accessories Range :
Roof Area Tiles
Ridge mr AT/Barrel
Mono Ridge mr End Plate
Ridge End pcs Ridge Hip
Hip mr Box Barge
Hip End pcs Valley
Gable mr SF
Gable End pcs FS (400)
Valley mr FS (490)
Side Flashing pcs v-pipe
Flat Sheet (400mm) mr Nail
Flat Sheet (490mm) pcs Screw
Vent Pipe pcs Screw
mr Wall F
- pcs RFA

Note :

  1. Roof area shall be the slant area.
  2. Please refer to Decra Product Usage Diagram to select the right accessories to be used.
  3. Standard Accessories range consists of Decra Angle Trim with Decra Angle Trim End or Decra Barrel 150 with Decra Barrel 150 End.
  4. Decra Angle Trim is recommended to be used with Decra Senator Shingle, Decra Corona Shake or Decra Classic profiles, whereas the Decra Barrel 150 is mostly used for the Decra Heritage, Decra Milano and Decra Classic profiles.
  5. Optimum Accessories range is referred to Decra Box Barge and Decra Ridge Hip which are designated for optimum accessories coverage.
  6. When ordering the Decra Side Flashing or the Decra Vent, please specify the type of materials required; i.e. Decra Side Flashing or Bent Back Side Flashing V2, Decra Vent G2, G110 or G15-45.
  7. Decra Flat Sheet is catered for roof joint that requires custom bending or shaping beyond Decra Accessories Range.
  8. Decra Roofing Estimation Guide is provided in good faith and served as an estimation calculator for Decra Roofing Products. The quantity generated shall not be deemed as the actual construction requirements. AHI Roofing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd shall not be liable for any misinterpretation or misuse of this guide.
  9. Please refer to AHI representative for further details relating to Decra product information and usage if required.