Great Aesthetic

Profile to Suit Different Design Themes

Range of Decra roof profiles to suit different design themes

We believe there is no one roof profile that can suit all design themes. Hence, Decra Roofing Systems offer you 5 different roof profile designs:

Long Lasting Colour

Wide Range of Colour


Exceptional Adhesive - Textured Coat Warranty

Volcanic stone chip coating is bonded to an aluminium-zinc coated steel (AZ150, G300) substrate with a specially formulated adhesive that survived ASTM D1737 180-degree Mandrel Test.

Exceptional adhesion performance ensures that the Decra unique colour & textured surface will remain in excellent condition, no exposure to possible deterioration condition due to stone chips drops off.

All Decra tiles come with 20 years Textured Coat Warranty

Accessories with Consistent Look & Feel

The aesthetic looks of a heavy traditional concrete or clay roof spoilt by poor roof accessories, such as metal flashing sheets and cement compound on ridge & hips.

Poor side flashings that spoiled the overall looks & feels

Poor cement/colour compounds that spoiled the overall looks & feels

Decra Roof accessories are made of same aluminium-zinc coated steel and coated with same natural/ceramic coated volcanic stone chips, giving a consistent finish to your Decra Roof.

Say “Good Bye” to the heavy and poor roof accessories

Unleash Your Freedom to Design

An architect’s design is often limited by the ability of the selected material in accommodating his designs. The value of a masterpiece design will be ZERO if there is no material that can suit the design requirement.

Decra Roofing System is flexible enough to be shaped into many designs, including coned and curved shape, or even an upside-down roof:

Durable With Washable Feature Against Algae & Fungus

Algae & fungus growth on roof is a situation that is difficult to deal with in tropical climate. Whole year round warm-to-hot and moist climate encourages growth of algae & fungus on the roof, causing unpleasant looks on our home.

Who doesn’t hate fungus/ algae that spoil our beautiful house? But the fact is, we cannot avoid it because of tropical climate, it is more frustrating when there isn’t an effective solution to clean it!

Some people attempt to clean the algae/ fungus with various cleaning solutions, but the results are often below expectation. We are absolutely sure that the result of roof cleaning as shown below is totally unacceptable to all home owners. However, unless we repaint it (short term solution), or reroof it (be prepared for a big budget, and to vacant your home), it is going to be looked as such.

The process of repainting and reroofing is not just costly and time consuming, the construction waste that generated during the process will also add unnecessary burdens to the mother nature when the wastes eventually goes into the landfill. That would be deviating from the objective of maintaining a GREEN & sustainable environment.

In Decra, we believe in providing a durable and sustainable roofing solution to our customers. Decra Roofing Systems are cleanable, and can be easily restored to its original condition even on a D.I.Y. basis. Thus, it eliminates the needs to repaint (roof), or reroof our home in the long run.

Cleaning of Decra Roofing Systems is SIMPLE, all you need is:

  • A pressured water jet (similar to the one you use to clean your car), and clean water.
  • Decra Roof Wash cleaning agent (if you intend to keep the algae/ fungus away for a relatively longer time).

The result of the cleaning is marvellous; the 26 year old roof on our Nilai plant was restored many times into “showroom condition” since the plant was built in 1985 by a simple cleaning process as shown below. That’s what we call a sustainable roofing system.

Decra Roofing System is the choice of many hotel/ resort operators around the world because of its unique aesthetic looks and superior performance under extreme weather condition, as well as for its easy maintenance feature. By installing Decra Roofing System, the operators will no longer require to temporarily shut down their operation (loss of income) for roof maintenance (repainting or reroofing), cleaning of Decra roof is simple, fast and cost effective.

For housing developers, you now have an option to keep your home buyers happy, enable them to have a simple yet effective solution to get rid of the algae/ fungus that they hate so much.

Design Your Roof

We Help You To Imagine.

With DESIGN YOUR ROOF you can easily check all our profiles with all the colour.

Decra Sky Tunnel

Natural Light for Your Home

Use Decra Sky Tunnel to replace electric lighting during day time and see your energy cost tumbling.

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